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Q43L-heavy duty gantry shear

Brand: Wanshida
Supply Ability: 10 sets/month
Min. Order Quantity:1 set
The nearest port: Shanghai Port
Guarantee: 1 Year
Color: User Defined
After Sales Service Provided: Yes

The heavy steel gantry shears are mainly used for cutting large steel scrap, processing various plates into various materials.Suitable for scrap metal profiles of various shapes (such as section steel, round steel, Angle steel, channel steel, billet, i-beam steel, steel plate, steel pipe, scrap steel bar, aluminum profile, aluminum plate).


This equipment adopts hydraulic transmission, higher efficiency than mechanical shearing machine, PLC control, easy operation and labor saving.

Technical Specifications:

No. Model Chamber size Cutting Frequency Power Operation
1 Q43L-3150A 5000×1600×1100mm 3-5 times/min 45kW×2 PLC control(remote control)
2 Q43L-4000A 4500×900×1100mm 3-5 times/min 37kW×3 PLC control(remote control)
3 Q43L-4000B 6000×1300×700mm 2-3 times/min 45kW×2 PLC control
4 Q43L-5000A 6000×1300×750mm 2-3 times/min 45kW×3 PLC control
5 Q43L-5000B 6000×1400×800mm 2-3 times/min 55kW×3 PLC control
6 Q43L-6300 7000×1800×900mm 2-3 times/min 45kW×5 PLC control
7 Q43L-8000 8000×2000×900mm 2-3 times/min 45kW×6 PLC control
8 Q43L-10000 8000×2000×1100mm 2-3 times/min 45kW×8 PLC control
9 Q43L-12500 8000×2000×1100(1400)mm 3 times/min 75kW×6 PLC control