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Q43P Metal crusher

Brand: Wanshida
Supply Ability: 10 sets/month
Min. Order Quantity:1 set
The nearest port: Shanghai Port
Guarantee: 1 Year
Color: User Defined
After Sales Service Provided: User Defined


Our company has advanced technologies and techniques in order to produce the Q43P series Metal Crusher, which are combined with our present design and manufacturing skills. The crusher is driven by hydraulic system. The user can choose manual valve control and PLC control.


①Application: Manufactured by adopting advanced technology, our Q43P series of metal crushers can be used to crush not only scrap metal, but also waste papers, plastics, auto tires, straws, timbers, thin wall cans, etc.
②Simple maintenance: Small crusher is designed with integral structure type hobbing cutter. Medium size or large size crusher uses assembled type hobbing cutter and the damaged cutter can be replaced directly.
③This metal crusher is characterized by low rotating speed, low running noise, large torque, rational design.
④Long service life, low operating and maintenance cost, and so on.
Technical Specifications:
  No.   Model   QTY and Width of blades   Power   Overall size   Weight
1 Q43P-500 32(15mm) 7.5kW 1130×1300×1100mm 1.5t
2 Q43P-600 20(30mm) 11kW 2200×840×1600mm 2.5t
3 Q43P-1000 33(30mm) 2×22kW 1800×3000×3500mm 4.0t
4 Q43P-1300 43(30mm) 2×30kW 3400×1300×1300mm 7.5t
5 Q43P-1500 30(50mm) 4×30kW 2000×1900×2800mm 12t
6 Q43P-2000 26(75mm) 4×55kW 6500×2000×2800mm 18t