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Q43W-4000B Horizontal Hydraulic Scrap Metal Container Shear Cutting machine

Brand: Wanshida
Supply Ability: 10 sets/month
Min. Order Quantity:1 set
The nearest port: Shanghai Port
Guarantee: 1 Year
Color: User Defined
After Sales Service Provided: Yes

Given our actual development situations at present, this Q43W-4000B horizontal metal shear is designed and fabricated through absorbing the advanced workmanship of congeneric products. It is mostly exported to Russia, Ukraine and other counties.


1. Horizontal structure

2. Different from the product with mechanical transmission system, our hydraulically driven machine has a range of characteristics including small volume, light weight, small inertia of movement, low noise, steady movement, flexible operation, large cutting section, etc.

3. Due to the combination of hydraulic and electrical control, the horizontal metal shear is able to accomplish the shift of single and continuous cutting easily.

4. While cutting, the machine is able to process the materials automatically without manual support. Operators only need to feed the materials for cutting into the compress room continuously consistent with the cutting speed.

5. Our product can be powered by motor or Cummins diesel engine as required.

 Model  Q43W-4000B
 Cutting Force  4000Kn
 Press Scrap Force  1250Kn
 Length Of Blade  1400Mm
Feeding mouth size 2400×1400mm
 Output mouth size 1400×450mm
 Motor Power  74kW
 Cycle Time   1-1.5 times/min
 Dimensions 7000×2200×2280mm
 Weight  25000Kgs


 Scrap Be cutted  Size of scrap be cutted
 Round Steel  φ 110mm
 Square Steel  100×100mm
 Angle Steel  180×180×15mm (3pcs)
 Channel Steel  320×90×10mm
 Steel Plate  30×450mm
I Steel 320×132×11.5mm


This horizontal metal shear is applicable for cutting the metal shaped in different cross section like round, square, channel, angle, I shape, plate and various waste structural metal at cold state. It brings convenience to the baling, storage and transportation of scrap metal materials, also offers qualified furnace charge for smelting plant. With large application range, this machine is commonly used as the processing equipment in the metal recycling unit, casting room of factory and machinery construction industry.