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Y83D-3000C Stationary Hydraulic Scrap Metal Baler Logger with Grapple Remote Automatic Control

Brand: Wanshida
Supply Ability: 10 sets/month
Min. Order Quantity:1 set
The nearest port: Shanghai Port
Guarantee: 1 Year
Color: User Defined
After Sales Service Provided: Yes

The Y83/D-3000A Mobile Scrap Metal Baler Logger with Trailer and Feeding Grab is widely used in the metal smelting factory or metal recycling yards.

The advantages of this baler logger is represented by remote automatic control with less labor cost. The press room size is 3000x1620x620mm or customized. The output bale size is 500x400x400mm. More information can be obtained from our sales team.

Powerful Pressing room with 3m length

Wear steel plate made for pressing chamber

Easy hand valve control

Japan brands for seal rings

CE certificated

1. Driven by hydraulic system, this turn out baler is highlighted by reasonable design, compact structure, small volume, light weight, small inetia of movement, low noise, stable traveling performance, flexible operation and so on.
2. Under the integrated hydraulic and electrical control, it is easy for operation and maintenance.
3. With wide applicable range, this product can work as the processing equipment in scrap metal recycling unit. It is also suitable for processing the furnace charge in the foundry of factory. The equipment offers powerful adaptability for the working conditions.
4. Our turn out baler performs with low energy consumption, easy installation, secure operation, high working efficiency, low price and other merits.

Optional Extra

Conveyor Feeding
Oil heater
Oil cooler

Diesel Engine Drive


Non Ferrous Metals


Aluminum Cans

Aluminum Windows

Scrap Aluminums

25 Liter Drums

Tin Cans

Steel Shavings

Aluminum Chips

Aluminum Sheets

Aluminum And Copper Wires

Waste Vechiles

Waste Car Bodies

Y83/D-3000C Hydraulic Metal Baler  
No. Specification
1 Left Press Cylinder Norminal Force 800kN X2
QTY 2pcs
2 Right Press Cylinder Norminal Force 800kN X2
QTY 2pcs
3 Pushing Cylinder Norminal Force 1600kN
QTY 1pcs
4 Press box open size 3000×1620×620mm
5 Press box close size 3000×400×400 mm
6 Bale size 500×400×400 mm
7 Cycle Time About 60 s
8 Max. thickness of scrap ≤3 mm
9 Capacity 5~7 t/h
10 Oil cooling sytem Air cooling system
11 Hydraulic system pressure 20.0 MPa(Max. 25.0 MPa)
12 Working method Grab feeding and unload bales—PLCAuto Baling
13 Diesel Engine Model 6BT5.9-G2 Power 86kW
Speed 1500 r/min QTY 1set
14 Pump Model HY300Y-RP Out flow 300 ml/r
Pressure 31.5MPa QTY 1set
15 Grap Mode KN20 Fixed Weight About 3.5ton
Lifting capacity 1800kg Arm length 6500 mm
Swing Angle 360° Swing speed 0-9 r/min
16 Main baler size About 6000X2150X1960mm
17 Overall size About 7200X2300X3500mm
18 Total Power 86 kW
19 Weight About 24.0ton